Alaska’s Most Interesting Attractions

Alaska’s Most Interesting Attractions

Sparsely populated, Alaska offers its visitors untouched beauty and amazing wildlife. Thus, if you are looking for unique places to see, then this should be on your bucket list.

Alaska Destinations You Should Never Miss

1. Denali National Park And Preserve

This national park is home to a wide variety of wildlife like grizzly bears, elk, reindeer, and more than 160 bird species. Not only is Denali National Park one of the biggest parks in the US, it is also the highest mountain in North America is a part of the 6-million acre park. The beauty of the wilderness already draws a lot of tourists, and they have quite a few adventure activities to choose from like mountaineering, backpacking, biking, and hiking.

2. Alaska Highway

Known as Alcan Highway (Alaska-Canada Highway), it is the perfect road to take to soak up on Alaska’ beauty. Although it was initially built for the military, it is now the only land access to the Yukon Territory and southern Alaska. It is also quite popular with recreational vehicle drivers.

3. Kenai Fjords National Park

Found on the Kenai Peninsula in the south-central part of Alaska, it is a protected national park covering almost 670,000 acres. It is home to huge brown bears that love fishing the fatty salmon, and humans can indulge in the picturesque views of Alaska.

4. University of Alaska Museum of the North

Tourists who want to understand the history and culture of Alaska should head over to the University of Alaska Museum of the North. It receives a lot of visitors who want to check out the more than 1 million natural history display items and historical artifacts. Included in the collection are items from indigenous groups, as well as local archaeological finds from all the way back to the prehistoric times.

5. Alaska Native Heritage Center

This is another interesting destination if you want to appreciate the local culture. Visitors can experience Alaska native storytelling and dancing while the Hall of Culture has exhibits and local vendors with handmade artworks and crafts. The heritage center also presents the 11 major cultural groups and their lives and values.

6. Totem Bight State Historic Park

Found in the north of Ketchikan, this is a state park spanning 33 acres. It was born after the US Forest Services started to salvage and reconstruct totem poles. They were restored and erected in this park for visitors to see.

7. Kenai Lake

This lake on the Kenai Peninsula is an interesting destination due to its zigzag shape. It also feeds into the Kenai River, though it is also by itself a wonderful destination for fishing and similar outdoor activities.

8. Mendenhall Glacier

Close to Juneau, visitors do not have to travel very far to experience visiting a glacier. The glacier itself is about 13.6 miles long and lead to the Nugget Falls, while visitors can marvel at the ice masses and iceberg-dotted waters. It is also a top adventure destination, where kayaking and rafting are quite popular. From the coast, you can still see interesting wildlife like beavers, black bears, and porcupines.

The landscape and wildlife that Alaska has to offer is unmatched and can make you feel like you are in a movie. Explore everything that the state has to offer by checking out these eight destinations.

Top Attractions in Alabama

Top Attractions in Alabama

While Alabama does not top the list of top tourist destinations in the United States, it is definitely worth a visit. Like other Southern States, it is full of history and beautiful surroundings. With the state’s history dating back to thousands of years before the Europeans settled here, there is much to look back on. Nowadays, it is a place that offers visitors a lot to see, learn, and experience. Make sure you check out these top destinations in Alabama.

1. US Space & Rocket Center

One of Alabama’s claims to fame is being the birthplace of the space program, as it is where the Apollo rocket was refined and set up. To memorialize this, a permanent exhibit can be visited at the US Space & Rocket Center and it has been visited by almost 16 million people. Beyond that, the Center holds popular science camps which draw in thousands of participants yearly.

2. Birmingham Zoo

Very few zoos are spread over so much space as the Birmingham Zoo, which occupies more than 122 acres. Thus, it houses more than 800 species from all around the world, some of them open all year round. Visitors can also attend special classes and camps for kids and teachers alike.

3. Point Mallard Park

More than just a park, Point Mallard Park is an entertainment complex for the whole family. It has pools, wave pools, diving boards, slides, and ponds for the water lovers. There is also a golf course and driving range, clubhouse, as well as campgrounds. Basically, whether you are into sports, hiking, biking, or any other athletic activity, the Park has something to offer you.

4. Cheaha State Park

Visitors can head over to the Cheaha State Park to enjoy some nature in Alabama. It is one of the oldest nature parks in the State and tourists can enjoy the views and the biking or camping trails. Staying overnight is also possible, with the lodges and campsites available.

5. USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Those interested in history and military ships should add this to their itinerary. The USS Alabama has been converted into a huge floating museum that visitors can explore. Close by is the USS DRUM submarine and other military aircraft like Blackbirds, Tomcats, and Hornets.

6. McWane Science Center

The McWane Science Center is not just a state-of-the-art museum; it is also an aquarium. Families will love the 4 floors full of interactive exhibits, from Native American artifacts, fossils, rocks, to minerals, and other specimens.

7. Huntsville Botanical Garden

This continually-expanding garden has various displays including a butterfly park, wildflower garden, and an aquatic display. You can also enjoy hundred-year-old dogwood trees in the Dogwood trail that have been transplanted to the site.

8. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

The Southern States’ history with slaves from Africa has led to years of struggle for freedom and equality among all races. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has documented this history, including the first fights for freedom and how it grew from there.

Tourists will love the natural, historical, and man-made attractions that Alabama has to offer. Beyond just having fun, they can enrich their minds through science and history, as well as have a dose of nature. It is definitely a state that you should add to your travel list.

Top Destinations to Visit in the USA

Top Destinations to Visit in the USA

If you had a plan of conquering New York or any other USA destination is just one day, you will be surprised with the impossibility of your plan. One visit to any of the top destinations in the USA, and there are many of them, is simply not possible.

There is way too much to see and the best part is, everything is a must see here. If you really want to see New York, the best possible thing to do would be to hit the best tourist sights like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building.

You can do the most famous ones or choose to explore off the beaten path and allow your attention to get caught somewhere else. Pay a visit to one of the many libraries in the city or to The Cloisters. When you are in the USA, do not forget to pay a visit to Maui, the Hawaiian island. If you are truly in love with nature, this destination is for you absolutely.

You will get the chance to enjoy the ethereal forest of bamboo trees or the most breathtaking sights of the Haleakala National Park. Hawaii will simply leave you mesmerized. Of course, if you feel lucky and consider yourself to be a real low key lounger or a high roller, Las Vegas is a place where you need to go. It will surely suit your vacation needs and lifestyle absolutely.

Not only will you find the highest quality casinos, the best in the world, but, you will get a chance to eat the best food made by the most famous chefs. You can always hit the Strip, people say it is most amazing during the night.

Orlando in Florida is what people call the magic kingdom. Here, tourists come mostly to relax. The choice of the most magical spa treatments is adventurous to say at least. If you like to enjoy, you will most certainly love Orlando and its wondrous rich treasures, waiting just for you.